We Can Help Your Child’s Voice Be Heard


Receive the professional speech pathology and language therapy services you need at Small Talk, LTD. in Naperville, Illinois, and Zeeland, Michigan. We believe that when a child is successful in communication, he or she will be successful in life. Our main goal is to improve your child’s overall communication ability. We are confident that our services will help your child improve their speech, language, and cognitive skills to become independent communicators. We strive to provide only excellent outcomes. Contact our highly qualified Children Speech Therapists for pediatric speech therapy services ranging from Dyspraxia treatment to sensory feeding therapy.

Our approach to speech pathology:

  • Multi-sensory treatment
  • Sensory-integrative based
  • Child-centered & guided
  • Play based
  • Functional interaction based
  • Family involvement in speech therapy

Small Talk Speech Therapy Kids

About Small Talk, LTD. Speech Pathology & Therapy for Children and Adults in Naperville & Zeeland

Laura Johnson, MA, CCC, received a Master of Arts degree in Speech and Hearing Science in 1986 from Northern Illinois University. She has over 30 years of clinical experience treating highly diverse conditions, e.g., neurogenic speech, language and swallowing disorders, cognitive-communication disorders, voice disorders, neonatal and pediatric speech, language and feeding disorders. In addition, she has worked in acute care, sub-acute, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation settings. Then, in 2000, Small Talk, Ltd. opened in Naperville, Illinois as a private clinic treating primarily pediatric populations. The clinic has since branched out to offer adult therapy as well. Additionally, Ms. Johnson has presented at conferences, both at the state and local levels and is proud to serve you at her speech therapy locations in Naperville, Illinois. With new offices opening in Zeeland, Michigan in Spring 2020.